Cavanaugh Home

After purchasing a home that needed multiple areas improved, the Cavanaughs chose a segmented approach to their home renovation.


For Phase 1 they had a clear vision of their wants and needs – open up their kitchen space by creating a bar area. This phase was light on design assistance, yet we were always onsite to offer our expert input and guidance.

One of our fantastic contractors provided the construction services and light design insight to complete this initial work. Once Phase 1 was completed with beautiful results, the Cavanaughs proceeded with Phase 2 just a couple of months later.


For Phase 2, more design services were requested. While the client knew the “vibe” they wanted from their basement space, our design offerings allowed them to visualize specifics and expand their original concept.

This Phase had a very specific deadline per the clients’ needs. Wesley and his crew took on the construction portion to ensure the clients’ deadline was met.

This Phase 2 was to be completed over a two-week span; the Cavanaughs were to be out of town the latter week. The project scope was to refinish their hardwoods, change their stair treads from carpet to oak, wrap their ceiling beams with barn wood, optimize and upgrade their mantel/fireplace, and build out their basement with custom trim, built-ins, barn doors, a bar area and a kitchenette. Trusting DBS to complete the work while they were gone allowed them to experience the HGTV reveal everyone wants.

While they were away DBS managed the project so they didn’t have to experience any of the stress normally associated with these types of projects. Not only did we manage the construction and design aspects of the project, but our design crew also stepped in to stage the property and prepare for the exciting final reveal.

Along with beautifully finished projects, the homeowners were met with an updated Property Market Analysis giving them their newly adjusted home value. Using all of the services offered by DBS allowed then to achieve their home improvement goals with a lower amount of stress and the highest return on their investment.

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