Burnt Hickory Baptist Church

This commercial client hired DBS to repurpose several outdated building areas.


The scope of this project contained what used to be a former children’s area that needed to be converted to an adult coffee space and sitting area. While the client had very specific uses for the square footage, they used DBS to assist in designing the space.


Natalie partnered with the client’s project committee members to brainstorm and vision cast. After several meetings to get a basic design idea nailed down, Natalie was able to source and bring in samples so that committee members could touch, see, and choose their building materials.

It was a true partnership of ideas that brought to life a highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing space. DBS managed the design throughout the entire project and a DBS construction crew, lead by Stephen, completed the work.

Using DBS for design and construction allowed the client to work with one united team, which meant that communication was streamlined.

The results simply speak for themselves.

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