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Our unique spacial design services allow us to make your space captivating, giving you that HGTV “Wow” factor you’ve been dreaming about. A cohesive experience from start to finish, we design entire projects, including fixtures, finishes, floor plans and building material choices. The best part? When you use our construction services, all of our design services are included! Looking for an “a la carte” option? We are happy to offer one-time consultations to help give you a fresh perspective and insight on a current project.


Our experienced team offers quality construction services, including residential renovations, basement finishing, new home construction, home additions, outdoor living spaces, commercial renovation and more. We know that any type of construction can be stressful, which is why we are committed to not only completing your project on-time, but with open and fluid communication to boot. Want another bonus? When you chose DBS for your next construction and renovation project, our design services are included!


Sitting pretty in the nation’s Top 2%, our realtors are here to give you realistic and honest property evaluations. Whether you are considering a home a renovation, home purchase or home sale, it’s wise to know where and how you should spend your money. We can help you decide how much value your project will add to your property, letting you know which investments are the smartest. Our goal when you work with DBS is to empower you so that you can make your next design or construction decision with confidence.

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